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Recreational Vehicles (RV) Insurance

Toys are fun, and we want you to feel comfortable and safe when driving your boat, quad, motorcycle or setting up your trailer at your favourite camp site. Mac can help you insure your recreational vehicles properly and at a price you can afford.

What is RV insurance?

Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurance includes all sorts of toys or recreational vehicles you may own. These are any motorized vehicles that should have insurance in the event of a claim or liability loss.

Why do I need it?

Financial loss in the event of an accident is one thing, but if you’re driving your quad and someone falls off or you hit someone, you’re liable for this as well.

Why talk to us first?

We take the time to make sure it’s beneficial for you to add your RV to your home or auto insurance policy. Sometimes it’s better to have a separate RV insurance plan to ensure you get the best price and coverage.

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