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Travel Insurance

A broken toe, bout of the flu or heart attack can all cause financial stress on a holiday. We’ll mitigate this with an inexpensive travel insurance policy for you and/or your family.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an easy and affordable way to cover medical expenses for unforeseen accidents or illnesses that happen while you’re travelling.

Why do I need it?

No matter how careful you are, the risks are always there. We’ve all heard horror stories of medical bills in the $100,000s for something that happened while you were away. Don’t take the chance—get coverage before you leave.

Why talk to us first?

We’ll help you figure out if you need travel insurance and get you the right coverage if you do. Talk to us first for low premiums with high coverage.

Before you leave for your next adventure, we need some information from you, including the dates you’re gone for, where you’re going and a few key medical facts. After that, we can have a policy emailed to you within minutes. It’s that easy.

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