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Vital Stats & Personal Property

What are Vital Stats and personal property services?

Vital Stats are records of your birth, death and marriage information. This registry service allows you to order certificates and name changes. For personal property services, Mac offers searches, writs, liens and many other services.

Why do I need it?

Everyone needs birth and death certificates, and if you plan on getting married, you are required by law to have a marriage licence. Access to these services also allows you to find information on a property you may be considering purchasing.

Why talk to us first?

We have competitive rates and fast interactions, but most of all we’ll help you with the application, take the time to follow up and make the whole process as smooth as possible. With Mac, you can easily order marriage licences, birth and death certificates, name changes and all Vital Statistics. If you’re in a rush, we’ll find a way to speed things up for you.

Mac also offers personal property searches, writs, liens and many other personal property registration services. We can also set up account-based services for ongoing requests.

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